Bathrooms Come to Life

Bathrooms Come to Life

Bring your Bathroom to life!

Well many are with the Garden Wall. It really is stunning and vibrant.


Inspiration for your Bathroom. Plants love living in bathrooms, so why not create a vertical garden in yours? You can buy modular vertical garden pots that will help you nuture happy, healthy plants in an arrangement that suits your wall.

The bathroom is one of the most feminine, transformative, healing and surreal spaces in the home where we can destress. So incorporating nature into your oasis is the perfect solution to a peaceful environment where all your worries fade away.

And if your bathroom doesn't have windows and therefore, no fresh air. You can still add live and bring in the outdoors with plants that blossom in the bathroom. There are plants that love moisture and that keep air circulating. Plants for Low-Light Bathrooms: Aloe Vera, Bamboo, Begonia, Boston Fern, Cast Iron Plant, Chinese Evergreen, Ficus Benjamina, Heart-Leafed Philodendron, Orchid, Peace Lily, Spider Plant, Dieffenbachia, Snake Plant. Plants for Bright and Sunny Bathrooms: Asparagus Fern, Azalea, Gardenia, Kimberly Fern, Orchid.

This is the perfect way to bring the outdoors in your bathroom.


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