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Pain in the neck cleaning tasks tips for heater vents, lamp shades, flat screens and more

Home Cleaning Made Simple:


Solution whitish or brownish mineral deposits from tap water and residue from detergent and fabric softener can clog the iron’s steam holes and cause it to drag. To restore the surface, wipe the metal plate with a cloth dampened with warm water and a little dish soap.  Use a toothbrush to scrub inside vents, then wipe with a cloth dampened with plain water.

Iron a clean towel with steam to remove any soap inside the holds. If this doesn’t work or if something has melted on the plate, try a hot iron cleaner, available in tubes at hardware and craft stores put a dab on an old towel and Rub the hot iron over it. Iron a clean towel to remove residue.

Try Faultless Hot Iron Cleaner.

Computer Keyboard:

Solution studies have shown that the average keyboard has more germs than a public toilet seat so this is something you don’t want to leave off your list of cleaning tasks. It is recommended that you use the de-crumbling and sanitizing regimen.

Disconnect the keyboard or power down your laptop and use a hair dryer set on cool or a can of compressed air (try Dust Destroyer Max Professional Blow Off 8 Oz 6 Pack Kit at only $19.44) to lift dust and debris from between the keys. Turn the panel over, gently shake and apply air again.

Next, wring out the excess moisture from a bleach-free disinfecting wipe like seventh generation only $4 dollars and rub that over and around the keys. While you’re at it wipe down the mouse and mouse pad. Another option, great for getting kids to clean their own keyboards (plus cell phones, video game controller and more), is a slime-colored Silly Putty like substance known as Cyber Clean (, from $6).  Press the gob, which is treated with germ killing chemicals and can be reused, over keys to pick up dirt and bacteria.

try Dust Destroyer Max Professional Blow Off 8 Oz 6 Pack Kit at only $19.44

Air Conditioners and Heaters:

Solution vacuum vents and filters regularly with a brush or crevice tool. They tend to collect a lot of dust and can blow it around the room. A lambswool duster works well too; opt for one on extension pole if you need to reach the ceiling registers (try the  Unger Total Reach Microfiber Duster Plus$7.50). A couple of times a year unscrew the vent covers and wash them with dish soap. You can also pop plastic or unpainted aluminum or steel covers in the dishwasher. Clean inside ducts, as far as you can reach, with the vacuum or lambswool duster (a regular 12-inch handle is fine) covered with an old, inside and out cotton tube sock this helps trap dirt and keeps the duster from getting gummed up.

try the Unger Total Reach Microfiber Duster Plus$7.50

Tip: Next time you are using self-clean on the oven, put crusty grill grates inside and take care of two dirty jobs at once.

Lamp Shades

Solution remove dust on sturdy fabric shades with a tape lint roller. Brush paper or delicate fabric pieces, such as silks or antique, with a clean paintbrush, or aim a blow dryer, set on a low, full setting, down over the shade. For spots, rub on stain remover and lightly blot with a barely damp cloth.

Grill Grates:

Solution regular maintenance with an end of this season thorough cleaning is the solution here. Every time you cook, pre-the grill for 10 to 15 min. (with gas, turn it up to high) to sterilize the grates and loosen any baked on debris. Then brush vigorously with a steel or brass bristle grill brush. Before you start cooking, oil the grates:  Fold a paper towel into a small pad, and, using tongs, dip it in a bowl of vegetable oil and rub it over the entire surface. When you’re done, keep the grill going for about 10 minutes (turn gas burners back up to high) and brush the grates again. Once a year, run stainless steel grates through the dishwasher.

LCD Screens:

Solution while glass cleaners are fine for shining up old school TV screens and computer monitors, the alcohol and ammonia in these products can, over time, etch and cloud the delicate plastic coating on high definition panels. To remove streaks and smudges, gently rub a barely damp microfiber cloth across the surface; followed with a damp cloth (Ty the Unger Microfiber Cleaning Cloths 10-pk. at

Never spray anything directly on to the screen. If this doesn’t bring desired results, try a cloth moistened with stilled white vinegar and water, which works just as well as specialty screen cleaners sold at electronic stores. Dust screens and casings regularly again, microfiber cloth is best. To reduce static that tracks dust in the first place, swift a use dryer sheet (a fresh one will leave residue) over the screen every month or so.

Tip: Microfiber cloths work great on LCD screens-they’re lint free and less abrasive than cotton or paper towels. (Ty the Unger Microfiber Cleaning Cloths 10-pk. at

House Plants

Solution a feather duster is good for getting dust off leaves without doing any damage. You can also set the plan in the tub and gently hose it down with room temperature water – cold water can leave spots on the foliage. Use a cotton cloth or damp microfiber dust mitt (Quickie, save on Quickie Microfiber Dust Mitt & Polishing Cloths
) to wipe leaves on larger plants and trees; this makes it easy to target each frond quickly and precisely. Mix water with a little dish soap for leaves that have been exposed to kitchen grease. Clean dusty fabric plants by holding them upside down if possible and blasting with a hair dryer set on cool or a can of compressed air. If needed, spray on a silk flower cleaner like silks splendor which is dissolved dust and grease, no wiping required.

Happy Cleaning!

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