How to Calculate the BTU’s Size Air Conditioner for Room Size?

How to Calculate Size of Window Air Conditioner

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Air conditioners come in sizes ranging from 5,000 BTU’s all the way up to 24,000, so before you purchase an air conditioner you need to calculate the correct BTU’s for the  room you are looking to air condition.

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Calculate BTUs for Window Airconditioner


How to Calculate the perfect size Air conditioner?

  • follow the step by guide below to get your dimensions for the perfect size air conditioner.
  • A living room that is 17 feet long, 15 feet wide, and 9 feet high. So I multiplied 17 by 15 by 9 which equals 2,295.
  • Now you need to figure out which direction the most exposed wall of the room faces. Look around the room to find the answer- is it east? north? south? or west? Look at east as having a value of 17; west as having a value of 20; north’s value is 16, and south is 18. The value for north is 16. The wall that is most exposed to the outside elements in my room is the north side so I multiplied the 2295 by 16.
  • The resulting calculation is 36,720.
  • Next determine your home insulation status. If your home has poor insulation, use a 4. If the insulation is good, use a 5.  And, if the insulation  in your home is excellent, then use the number 6. My home is good. A “good”  is a number 5. Finally, I divided 36,720 by 5.
  • The resulting number is 7,344. After I rounded it off, this told me that I needed to purchase a 7,000 BTU air conditioner.

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