Sprinkler System Activation in the Spring.

Sprinkler Repair

Spring Sprinkler System Start-ups Checklist

The calendar finally reads “Spring” and time to put away the snow shovels and start enjoying the warm weather. But, before you put on those shorts and flip-flops you need to crank up the sprinkler system, consider the following as part of the process necessary to reactivate those slumbering sprays and rotors:

  • Make sure all manual drain valves are returned to the “closed” position before you turn on the water.
  • Turn on the main system water valve slowly to allow pipes to fill with water gradually. If these valves are opened too quickly, the sprinkler’s main lines are subjected to high surge pressures, uncontrolled flow and water hammer.
  • Manually activate each zone valve from the controller to maker sure the zone is operating correctly. Walk through each station on the controller, checking for proper operation of the zone.
  • Check for proper operating pressure (low pressure indicates a line break or missing sprinkler), proper rotation and adjustment of sprinkler heads, and adequate coverage.
  • Check and clean filters on poorly performing sprinklers. Adjust heads to grade as necessary. Check back-up battery and replace if necessary.
  • Reprogram the controller for automatic watering. Uncover and clean the system rain sensor, if applicable.
  • A sprinkler system can become clogged over time due to dirt, sand, algae, hard water deposits and other debris. To prevent your sprinkler system from clogging, make sure you change the filter every 3 months, it will help prevent your system from getting clogged. A filter will also reduce iron build up.  If your system does not have a filter, you can easy purchase a filter and install it yourself, refer to your user manual for the model number this will help you purchase the correct filter for your system.
  • Finally clean any in-line filters for drip irrigation zones.

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