Insulate Water Heater Save 15%

Insulate Water Heater Save 15%

Insulating your water heater, as well as the hot-water pipes, could improve hot-water efficiency. In addition, where plumbing is exposed in a crawl space or cellar, it can help to cover hot-water lines with foam insulating tubes. Technically, heat radiating through pipe walls isn't lost because it helps to warm the floors inside the house. But insulation that keeps water in the pipes warmer helps to deliver hotter water where you want it, and you waste less water running tepid water through the tap. Hardware and home center stores sell several variations of insulation materials.

A water heater insulation kit consists of an insulation blanket and tape to hold it in place. It is available in various sizes to fit heater of different sizes. Some water heater manufacturers, however, prohibit the use of insulating blankets around their heater. Before you purchase an insulation kit, refer to the instructions that accompany your heater or, call the manufacturer of the water heater. In addition, special care should be taken when insulating a gas water heater because if it is installed improperly it could pose a fire hazard. Use the instructions below as a guide while following the specific recommendations and instructions that accompany the water heater insulation kit.

Project: Easy
Estimated Project Time: ½ hour
Start Tips: Prepare a large clean surface for cutting the insulation blanket.
Start Tips: Follow the recommendations and instructions of the manufacturer of the water heater.
Recommendation: Do-it-Yourself

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