Kitchen Design Tips

Kitchen Design Ideas

When planning a remodel, staying on top of the latest kitchen trends can help you to avoid building a kitchen that will look dated in a few years.

At the same time, most homeowners don’t want to be out front on a hot kitchen trend that fizzles out prematurely, leaving them with a “formerly hip” kitchen. What do you do? Review the trends we’ve identified here, and then use this knowledge to enhance the designs that you already love. Above all, if you plan to keep your home, remember:

Minimalist kitchens have been making a major surge recently. Simple styles, limited colors, flat planes, and minimal ornamentation describe this recent trend. “Simple and clean” is a common refrain used by our readers use to describe their favorite designs.

Despite what you might think, minimalist kitchens don’t have to be ultra-modern. Below is a traditional kitchen with a minimalist twist: Its monochromatic color scheme speaks of modern simplicity, while the simple moldings and butcher block countertop add a classic style and warmth to the design.

It is possible that the minimalist kitchen trend is a reaction to the excesses of the housing boom, or perhaps just a natural response to the slower economy. Either way, we think a minimalist undercurrent will be here for some time, because such clean and simple designs are usually practical and rarely showy. Both traits are marks of a longer-lasting movement that shouldn’t look dated any time soon.

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