Refrigerator Maintenance Save Money

Refrigerator Maintenance Save Money

Save Money by Adding up to 4 Years on your Refrigerator? Average life span of your refrigerator: 14 years

Add 4 more years to your refrigerator?

The refrigerator’s condensor coils are responsible for releasing the heat that the machine generates, but these coils can easily become covered with dust, pet hair and other debris. “The dirtier the coils the harder the frige has to work to stay cool, and the sooner it will diet. Beat advice:

Twice a year (three to four times for pet owners) turn off the frige, remove the grate protecting the coils (behind the fridge on older models; at the bottom on newer models) and use a vacuum brush attachment to remove dust and grime.

ALSO TRY: Relubricating the rubber door seal, which can be weakened by food buildup.  Just wash it with warm soapy water, let dry and buff on a thin layer of petroleum jelly to soften the rubber and repel future food splashes.

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