Sprinkler System How to fixes

Sprinkler System Maintenance Fixes

Sprinkler Maintenance Tips to keep your Sprinkler System running smooth all summer long.
Save money by keeping your sprinkler system running longer. Maintaining your sprinkler will extend the life of your system and save you money.

Prevent your Sprinkler System from Clogging

  • Over time due to dirt, sand, algae, hard water deposits and other debris sprinkler systems become clogged.
  • Help Prevent sprinkler system clogging by Spraying Weed Grass killer around your sprinkler system heads. It will help prevent clogging and help save money on costly future repairs.

TIP: Spray your sprinkler system heads with weed grass killer periodically, to prevent system clogging throughout the summer season.

Prevent Breakage by Installing Rings

  • Install rings around the sprinkler heads to prevent breakage.

Sprinkler System Maintenance Tips

Trouble Shooting your sprinkler system

  • Some of the most common controller problems are actually caused by power surges that can “freeze” the controller or garble the programs causing a sprinkler system to go down. Try unplugging system and disconnect the battery for 5 mins, then reconnect the battery and plug it back in, it will reset itself. Make sure to reset your sprinkler system’s memory.  If your sprinkler system still isn’t working, check the rain guard system and verify if the zones are working, if not manually activate zones by hand.

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