The Solutions on Which Wood Glue to Use!

The Solutions on Which Wood Glue to Use!

Take the guess work out which wood glue to use to make your fix it job complete. If you have ever been stuck when it came to choosing the right adhesive for a wood repair, you know how confusing all the options can be.

There are glues that dry instantly, glues that must be mixed with water, glues that should never touch water, glues that work only in certain temperatures and if you pick the wrong one, your fix likely won't last. To help, we have rounded up some common sticky home fix it situations and their glue solutions, all of which deserve a spot in your toobox.

Check out these Wood Glue home fix solutions below:

Fix a Cracked Drawer Product Solution :

Glue to Use: Yellow polyvinyl acetate (PVA).

A step up in strength from white craft glue (another PVA), this water-based adhesive creates a strong wood to wood bond.

How to tips: Glue both surfaces and clamp them together for a least 30 minutes: reaches full strength in 24 hours.  If the seam oozes, wipe immediately with a damp cloth.

One to try:

Elmer's Carpenter's Wood Glue: Save Now:

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Fix Joints on Stain-Grade Molding Solution:

Glue to Use: Stainable PVA.

This glue has the same forumla as yellow PVA with the addition of wood fibers.  The result is a beige paste that accepts stain.

How to tips: First, test how well the glue accepts the stain with scrap wood.  Then apply to one side of the joint and press the edges together, securing them with clamps or finishing nails for 1 hour. The glue will cure to full strength in 24 hours.

One to try:

Max Bond Glue.

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Fix Broken Potting-Bench Shelf Solution

Glue to Use: Water-resistant PVA.

This glue is similar to other yellow PVAs but it repels water, so it works well for light outdoor repairs.  In most cases it's so effective that the wood around the glue will rot or crack before the glue fails.

How to tips: Apply a heavy bead to one side, then clamp for 30 minutes.  Leave the joint alone for 24 hours while the glue cures.

One to try:

Titebond III Ulitmate, $7 for 8 ounces:

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Fix a Loose Chair Stretcher Solution

Glue to Use: Polyurethane.
This adhesive sticks to wood, metal, and even old glue.  When exposed to water, it expands as it cures, reducing the wiggle room in loose joints.

How to tips: Wearing glove, lightly dampen one side of the project, then add a thin layer of glue to the other side:  Clamp for up to 2 hours.  Clean up spills with paint thinner.

One to try:
Gorilla Glue Polyurethane, $11 for 8 ounces:

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Fix Splintered Fence Picket Solution:

Glue to Use: Two-part epoxy.

Made by mixing a resin and a hardener, this ultra-tough glue sets in about 5 minutes, fills ragged gaps, and resistes water and most solvents.

How to tips: Using the glue's double barrel syringe, measure out the correct 1-to1 ratio.  Wear gloves and clean up drips with acetone.

One to try:

Loctite Epoxy Quick set, only $14

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