Tiling Your Bathroom Floor

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Tiling your bathroom yourself canhelp cut costs but also takes a lot of care. To begin, you need to remove any old tile. To do this you can use a hammer and chisel, or rent a small jackhammer if the tile does not come up easily. After removing the old tile and scraping off the old adhesive, use a trowel to lay down a thin coat of self-leveling cement to level out the floor.

When you begin laying the new tiles start from a corner and work across the room. Use a thin layer(about an 1/8 in) of adhesive and put it down in small patches at a time to prevent it from drying out. Now that the tiles are down and the adhesive is dry it is time to apply the grout.

Press the grout between the tiles until the grout line is fill. Then clear off any excess grout and continue until all tiles are complete. After the grout sets for about 20 minutes, use a sponge to clean off the dirty tiles. Wait about 3 hours and repeat this step, making sure the floor is completey clean. In the morning there may be some remaining dust just wipe the floor with a dry towel and sweep up any remaining dirt.

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